A Mystery Knit-Along through Pennsylvania

Knit along begins April 2020

Knit along begins April 2020

Knit along begins April 2020Knit along begins April 2020Knit along begins April 2020

Welcome to our Mystery Knit-Along!

 We're taking a wonderful road trip around the state of Pennsylvania, celebrating knitting and local yarn shops and American history and natural wonders and PA landmarks as we go.  So what's the mystery?  Where we'll go next, of course! And our inspiration for each leg.... And how that translates into knitting a beautiful shawl. We hope you'll join us on this grand knitting adventure and knit along. 

The Designers

Cynthia Spencer & Valerie Reed

We are your knitting tour guides, Cynthia Spencer and Valerie Reed.  Cynthia is both a knitting designer (Really Clear Designs) and a yarn shop owner (Stitch Your Art Out) who has lived in PA for her entire life. Valerie is a tech-editor and number-crunching guru who grew up in Maryland but has spent the past 20+ years living in and exploring PA. We're both experienced knitters with a love of beautiful yarn, local yarn shops, and the wonderful community of people that share our 

love of knitting.  We hope you'll knit along with us as we create a beautiful shawl.


the Inspiration

Beauty is All Around Us

The trusses of a bridge, a beautiful flower, a national landmark, the winding trail up ahead.... just about anything can be inspiration for making something beautiful.  This year, we decided to take our inspiration from the things we have seen and experienced while living and traveling in our home state of Pennsylvania to make a stunning shawl.  Every stitch pattern we've included is inspired by a shape or pattern or color we've seen in the beauty that surrounds us all.


the Project

So What's the Project?

We've designed a lovely shawl with a variety of stitch patterns inspired by many of the sights and wonders of PA. The pattern will be released in sections on Ravelry (please get it through "in-store sales" from your LYS, if you have one) beginning on LYS Day 2020 and running through the end of August. Each leg will contain two options for the next section of the shawl (one designed by Cynthia, the other by Valerie), setting every knitter up for a grand choose-your-own knitting adventure. Each option is a creative tribute to a landmark, or historical event, or region that can be encountered on a Road Trip around the great state of Pennsylvania. Both Misses and Plus sizes will be included in this pattern. See the yarn requirements to determine how many skeins of yarn you'll need. 


Join the Fun!

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