Our Yarn Partners

Meadowcroft Dyeworks


We have been working directly with Dave and Will Burrows of Meadowcroft Dyeworks, an indie Pennsylvania dyer with amazing, intense colors! We visited their business and put together 10 irresistible color combinations of fingering-weight yarn that will work beautifully for this shawl.  Stop in to a participating Local Yarn Shop to pick up one of these exclusive kits.  


Will & Dave Burrows of Meadowcroft Dyeworks

If you're using a computer to view the website, use your mouse to click on the thumbnails to see each combo. You can also hover your mouse at the right or left side of the large photo and use the arrows to scroll through.  If you're on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) use your finger to swipe left or right on the photo to scroll through the options.

Yarn Requirements

Choosing Your Yarn

Your choice of yarn is just one of many things that will make YOUR shawl unique.  We love the color combos we've put together with Meadowcroft Dyeworks, but we also know that every knitter has a stash of favorite yarn. If you're choosing to go off the beaten path, good for you!  Here's what you need to think about as you're choosing your yarn.

This shawl uses four different colors of fingering weight yarn.  A & D are bold/dark colors that look different from each other in color but are the same intensity. C is a medium/light color, and B is a variegated or speckled yarn that coordinates with all the other yarns.  If you are choosing to make the plus size version of the shawl, you will need a second skein of Color A.